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Get the results that matter to your dispensary.

Dispensary Advertising

Search | Display | Social | Video

Connect with today’s shopper where they are: online, across multiple networks and devices. Discover the right mix with the right budget and technology to optimize campaign performance and achieve your dispensary’s specific goals.

Dispensary paid search advertising on google (SEM)
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Dispensary SEO

On-Page | Backlinks | Technical | Local

Search is the main way in which people discover dispensaries online. Drive more potential customers to your website by ranking higher in search engines such as Google.


Dispensary Email Marketing

Offers | Specials | Retention | Automation

Encourage existing customers to visit your dispensary and purchase more with promotions, offers and events. Automate your email marketing campaigns to send the right message at the right time.

cannabis dispensary email marketing

Dispensary Marketing Services

We’ve learned what is valuable to dispensaries and understand what works.

Digital Advertising

We display your ads to the right audience at the right time with local search ads and display remarketing ads.

Search Engine Optimization

We help improve your rankings in search engines so potential customers can find your website and engage with you content.

Email & Lead Generation

Grow your segmented email lists and special offers to maximize profits from your previous customers.

Social Media Marketing

Connect with new audiences and retain existing customers by producing engaging content on the social media platforms they use.

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Why Work With Us?


We’ve developed proven dispensary marketing strategies to attract shoppers online, convert visitors into paying customers and retain valuable business.

How To Attract & Build an Audience for Your Marijuana Dispensary:

[x/10] = Marketing strategy effectiveness rating for dispensaries.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Organic search engine traffic. [10/10]
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Paid search engine traffic. [9/10]
  • Local Search – Local search engine traffic. [10/10]
  • Display Advertising – Location-based online banner ads. [5/10]
  • Social Media – Location & industry content. Outreach tool. [5/10]
  • Print Media – Buy ad placements in cannabis magazines and local magazines. [3/10]
  • Word-of-mouth – Offer referral programs and stand out from competitors! [10/10]
Engage & Convert Your Audience into Revenue


  • Web Forms (Gated Promotions) – Provide an irresistible offer in exchange for email or phone number.
  • Website, PDFs & Brochures – Create a campaign of useful information to educate your audience about your dispensary and products.
  • Email & SMS – Remind your leads about their exclusive offer, send updates with your product inventory  and encourage them to make their first purchase.
  • Point-of-sale – Develop an organized in-store experience and provide the best budtender service possible.
Nurture & Retain Customers with Content & Deals


  • Email Marketing – Engage past clients and up-sell existing clients with deals.
  • SMS Text Message & Mobile Marketing – Send flash offers and menu updates with high open-rates! Avg. up to 99%.
  • Word-of-mouth – Turn your happy customers into dispensary advocates. If someone has an amazing experience, they will most likely share that experience with others.
  • Online Customer Reviews – Build credibility and trust. Online reviews are essentially pooled word-of-mouth experiences from a wide range of customers.

Understand The Dispensary Marketing Funnel

Strangers > Prospects > Customers > Advocates

Leverage web-based marketing channels to spread a message about your dispensary to your potential and existing customers at the right time.

dispensary marketing funnel
Awareness – At the top of your funnel, introduce your dispensary’s brand to your prospects.
Consideration – Prospects are interested in your dispensary. Educate them about your company, products and values.
Conversion – Potential customers already know what products you sell and are aware of their benefits. They are ready to decide whether or not to make a purchase. Communicate why your dispensary and products are better than your competitors! Highlight success stories and reviews.
Loyalty – Ensure your previous customers buy from you again. Build trust and maximize profits from your existing customers.
Advocate – Turn your customers into dispensary fans. They will tell their friends about their positive experiences with your dispensary and write reviews online. Referrals from friends and family have an added value of trust (and it is free).
Word-of-mouth – People talk! The more educated customers are about your dispensary, the more they will talk about it. If you truly have the best dispensary in your area, the word will spread throughout you local community.

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