Best Cannabis Delivery Services in Boston, MA

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Cannabis delivery services are the easiest way to purchase flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrates without making a trip to the dispensary.

If you are looking to get cannabis products delivered directly to your home, then a delivery service is the perfect option for you.

The online ordering platforms available in Boston include delivery services that will deliver products from marijuana dispensaries directly to your doorstep in less than 2 hours and services that will require you to schedule a drop-off appointment.

However, choosing the best delivery option for you is not the easiest task because there are only three cannabis delivery businesses in the Boston area. You will need to choose a service that delivers to your address and has the products you want in stock.

Let’s explore the three best weed delivery options in Boston:

Best Cannabis Delivery Services in Boston

  1. Best Overall: Lantern – Delivering to Boston
  2. Your Green Package – Delivering to Greater Boston
  3. Zyp Run – Delivering to Boston and Greater Boston

Lantern – Best Overall

Lantern logo

Lantern is our top pick for the best cannabis delivery service in Boston because of its fast delivery times, the wide selection of products, great customer support, and the user-friendly online ordering platform.

They offer cannabis delivery for recreational users and medical patients.

Lantern has the fastest delivery times compared to all cannabis delivery services in Boston. They typically deliver within one to hours after you place your order online.

They have the largest product selection with over 400 different products available in Boston. They partner with multiple dispensaries which greatly expands their inventory and the number of SKUs.

Some online ordering platforms have bad user interfaces that can be annoying to navigate. Thankfully, Lantern offers a simple online ordering experience and you can place your order in just a few minutes.

Delivery Fee: $0.00-$10.00 depending on the dispensary.

Lantern is backed by Drizly, the leader in alcohol delivery. This is important because they have established operations, funding, and customer support teams to provide users with the best experience possible.

Browse Products on Lantern
lantern online ordering delivery

Your Green Package – Best delivery for the greater Boston area

Your Green Package logo

Your Green Package is the only cannabis delivery service delivering to the greater Boston area at this time. They are currently only partnered with one dispensary, so their product selection and delivery zones are somewhat limited at this time.

Their cannabis delivery services are available for recreational users.

Instead of on-demand delivery, like Lantern, Your Green Package users can schedule a one-hour delivery window for when they would like to receive their order. You will usually need to place your order 24 hours in advance.

They have a decent selection with are currently about 160 different products are available.

Free delivery is available for all orders over $60.

The company promotes diversity with 72% of their staff made up of women, POC, veterans, or LGBTQ+.

Visit Your Green Package

Zyp Run – Delivering to Boston and Greater Boston

Zyp Run Cannabis Delivery Boston

Zyp Run currently offers online ordering and order pick-up reservations for many cannabis dispensaries in Boston and across Massachusetts. They will be launching cannabis delivery services in Boston soon.

Zyp Run has an easy-to-use website for online ordering, but we cannot review the quality of their delivery services until they start offing the service. Please, check back soon for updates and a full review of their delivery services.

Visit the Zyp Run Website

Marijuana Dispensaries That Deliver to Boston, MA

If you do not want to order from a delivery service, there are a few dispensaries that will deliver cannabis products directly to your home. The pricing is the same as the delivery services, so the only notable difference is that the delivery services had a larger selection of products because you can browse products from multiple different dispensaries.

Dispensary delivery has been available for medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts for years, but now delivery is available from both medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries.

Here are the dispensaries that offer delivery to Boston, MA.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

Garden Remedies

Garden Remedies is located in Newton, but they deliver to many zip codes in downtown Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge as well. Check their website for delivery zones.

Ascend Wellness

Ascend Wellness has two locations near Boston. One is located in Boston’s West End and the other is located in Newton, MA. Both locations offer delivery and they have the easiest and fastest online ordering experience for placing a delivery order. It only took me a few minutes to place my order and I didn’t need to spend time setting up an account. Ascend Wellness does not list their delivery zones on their website, but I entered multiple addresses on their online ordering software and they appear to deliver to all Boston neighborhoods.

I placed a delivery order to South Boston and received my delivery within an hour. Ascend is the only recreational dispensary I could find that delivers to South Boston.

Medical Marijuana Marijuana Dispensaries

Revolutionary Clinics

Revolutionary Clinics has three medical marijuana dispensary locations in Massachusetts and they have a large delivery zone including all of Boston and many towns in the greater Boston area. The delivery order minimum is $100 with a $10 delivery fee for orders under $200. Deliveries are typically slower than using delivery services, but you can schedule a drop-off time around your plans.

View delivery details

Sira Naturals

Sira Naturals offers next-day delivery to all of Boston and also many towns in the greater Boston area. This includes many locations on the North Shore and South Shore. Sira does not charge a delivery fee but there is a $100 order minimum.

View delivery details

Mayflower Medicinals

Mayflower Medicinals is a medical-use only dispensary located in Allston, MA. They offer delivery to Suffolk County for a $10 delivery fee with a $150 order minimum.

View delivery details

Things to consider before you get weed delivered in Boston

  • Will you be home when the delivery arrives? Coordinate your schedule so you will be home and accessible during your delivery window.
  • How much are you planning on spending? Make sure you can meet the order minimum.
  • Are you willing to pay an extra 15%-25% on your order? Tipping is not required, but cannabis delivery is a luxury and you should tip the driver.
  • Are you over 21 with a government-issued ID?

How long does it take to get weed delivered in Boston?

Some Boston delivery services deliver marijuana in under an hour and others will require you to schedule a delivery time with at least 24 hours notice. The actual time between placing your order online and receiving your delivery will vary based on your location, your distance from the nearest dispensary, driver availability, and which service you choose.

How much does weed delivery cost in Massachusetts?

Most cannabis delivery services offer free delivery in Massachusetts. However, a few dispensaries will charge up to a $10 delivery fee.

Do you tip cannabis delivery drivers?

Yes. Cannabis delivery is similar to any delivery service. Although tipping is not required, you should tip your driver 15-25% of your total order amount. At the very least you should tip $5. Delivery is a luxury service and the drivers deserve to be paid for their hard work.

Do delivery services mark up cannabis product prices?

No. Delivery businesses partner with nearby dispensaries and the products are listed the same as their in-store prices.

How much tax do I pay on a cannabis purchase in Boston?

All cannabis purchases in Massachusetts are taxed at 20% of the total purchase value.

  • 10.75% State Marijuana Retail Excise Tax
  • 6.25% Sales Tax
  • 3% Local Excise Tax

How do I pay for cannabis delivery?

Most marijuana delivery businesses only accept cash or debit cards. Customers will typically pay for their order when the delivery driver arrives at their door. After they check your government-issued ID, you hand them the cash or they will run your debit card to process the payment.

Is weed delivery legal in Boston?

Yes, recreational and medical marijuana delivery are both legal in Boston for individuals who are 21 years or older with a government-issued ID.

Where can I get weed delivered in Massachusetts?

Marijuana delivery is available to Massachusetts residents in Boston and the greater Boston area. Under Massachusetts state regulations, dispensaries and delivery services are only permitted to deliver marijuana to residential addresses. You cannot get weed delivered to you work address or any public address.

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