Can you advertise CBD on Facebook?

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Advertising CBD on Facebook

If you own a CBD company or are marketing a CBD product, you have probably encountered this problem: You want to advertise on Facebook, but you’re not sure if it is allowed.

The Facebook advertising platform provides extensive audience targeting options based on users’ geographical location, interests and behaviors. With over 2.41 billion monthly active users on Facebook and over 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, Facebook advertising sounds like the perfect solution to promote your CBD brand. Right?

Well, this is where CBD marketing and advertising gets tricky.

Does Facebook allow paid promotion of CBD products?

Facebook does not allow ads for CBD oil or CBD products.

Facebook’s advertising policy states that “Ads must not promote the sale or use of unsafe supplements, as determined by Facebook in its sole discretion.”
Facebook and Instagram CBD advertising policy
Although Facebook’s advertising policy does not explicitly prohibit Cannabidiol, we believe they are classifying CBD as an “unsafe supplement” until they have more information on the product.
Most CBD brands on Facebook will try to run ads or promote a post. I mean why wouldn’t you try? It’s worth a shot.
As a matter of fact, many times a boosted CBD post will run for a couple of days before Facebook catches on. Unfortunately, it won’t be take too long before Facebook crawls your post content and landing page content identifying the restricted “CBD” terminology.
After Facebook realizes you’re promoting CBD products, they will disapprove your ads. If you continue attempting to run CBD ads, they will likely suspend your account or put your account in Facebook jail.
I’ve been to Facebook jail myself and let me tell you… it’s not a fun place.
Facebook jail from advertising cbd products on Facebook
Facebook Jail is when Facebook punishes an account for breaking the rules. They might block access to some account features, like the ad manager, or completely lock you out of your account. I highly recommend you take the necessary precautions to avoid Facebook jail.
Advertising hemp-derived CBD products on Facebook doesn’t sound so perfect anymore does it?
Not to worry! After setting up many successful (and not so successful) Facebook ad campaigns for CBD products, we’ve learned how we can advertise CBD products without breaking Facebooks ads policy.
Let’s dive into the specifics.

Can you advertise CBD products on Facebook?

The quick answer is yes. You can advertise CBD products on Facebook, but it is not as easy as setting a traditional Facebook campaign. This strategy involves a lot of extra work upfront to prepare your Facebook page and website for advertising success.

To be honest, your ads will eventually get rejected if you break Facebook’s ad policy. The trick is to get creative and advertise CBD without breaking their policy.

Let’s see how it’s done

How to run CBD ads on Facebook

  1. Create a new Facebook account for your CBD brand.
  2. Exclude any mention of CBD of Cannabidiol from the page.
  3. Buy a new domain name. Make sure “CBD” is not include in the name.
  4. Duplicate your entire website or build a new e-commerce website with your products on your new domain.
  5. Remove any CBD keywords from your website.
  6. Get creative and explain the CBD product to users without directly saying it. CBD images are okay to use.
  7. Create Facebook ads without mentioning CBD in the ad copy or image. We recommend focusing on ailments and the benefits of CBD.
  8. Target audiences who have expressed interest in “hemp oil”.
    CBD and hemp oil ad targeting on Facebook
  9. Launch your first CBD Campaign!


Please, reach out to our team if you need help implementing a CBD advertising campaign on Facebook. We’re happy to help! Contact us here.

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