Can You Advertise CBD on Google AdWords?

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Advertising CBD on Google AdWords

Many CBD business owners and cannabis marketing professionals have run into this problem: they want to run CBD advertisements on Google, but they don’t know if it is allowed.

CBD brands face a unique challenge in the digital advertising space. The Facebook and Google advertising platforms controlled a 60% share of total digital ad spending in 2018. Unfortunately for emerging businesses in the CBD industry, the two largest digital advertising platforms have policies against the direct promotion Cannabidiol or CBD products.

Does this mean you should eliminate digital advertising for your CBD brand’s marketing plan? Absolutely not.

I’ve successfully set up dozens of CBD ad campaigns on Google AdWords.

Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Advertise CBD products on Google AdWords?

Yes, you can advertise CBD on Google AdWords, but you will need to find a way to promote your CBD product without breaking Google’s ad policy.

I’ll be honest… you can set up standard search ads that drive users directly to your CBD product page on your website, but I strongly advise against this.

You’ll feel like you beat the system while you’re flying under Google’s radar for the first day or two, but once Google crawls the content on you landing page and website, your ads will get disapproved. Most normal CBD search ad campaigns like this will get shut down in less than 2 weeks.

Violating Google AdWord’s policy against the promotion of CBD products will usually result in disapproved ads or permanent suspension of your account.

Beware: Google AdWords may even flag your entire domain or billing information to prevent you from recreating the ads from a new account.

Does Google allow promotion of CBD products?

No. Google AdWord’s advertising policy clearly states they do no allow the promotion of Cannabidiol (CBD), irrespective of any claims of legality.

Google AdWords CBD Advertising Policy

How To Advertise CBD products on Google AdWords

  1. Create a new Google AdWords Account specifically for your CBD product.
  2. Set your budget.
  3. Set your target location.
  4. Select your campaign type: “Paid Search Ads”
  5. Choose your keyword targets and match types: Focus on “CBD” and “hemp” keywords.
  6. Set your bid (max. cost-per-click) for each keyword.
  7. Write your ad. Get creative: don’t directly promote the sale of your CBD product, instead use terms that hint at your offer.
  8. Create a landing page that promotes your CBD product, without directly selling it.

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