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Dutchie Plus Overview: SEO-Optimized eCommerce Websites for Cannabis Dispensaries

By May 3, 2022 No Comments

In 2020, the leading cannabis online ordering platform, Dutchie, added a new menu solution to their platform called Dutchie Plus.

Before we start explaining Dutchie Plus, let’s clarify how the standard Dutchie iframe menus work.

Dutchie’s standard menu offering is a cannabis dispensary e-commerce menu that is set up within the Dutchie platform and hosted on their website. The menu on Dutchie’s website is then placed within an iFrame on a dispensary website’s menu page.

What is an iframe?

The term iframe is an abbreviation of “inline frame”. An iframe is an HTML element that allows users to interact with content from an external webpage that is embedded within a parent webpage. Some examples of when iframes are commonly used are online banner advertisements, embedding YouTube videos on a website, embedding Google Maps on a website, and online ordering platforms for restaurants and dispensaries.

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